2.0 – A visual master class

A sequel to 2010 movie Robot, 2.0 stars Rajnikant reprising his role from the earlier movie, Akshay Kumar as the lead villain and Amy Jackson as a friendly assistant robot. As expected the movie is breaking box office records across the country but is it truly worth your money? Here I break it down for you.

Why you should watch it?

The 3d visuals incorporated in the movie are like nothing else. Probably the best I have seen so far. Every scene right from the introductory title screen to the final credit scene has some fantastic work has been put into the visual effects.

An excellent message that the film revolves around is what holds the audience connected to the movie. The message is pretty new and covers the area which I am pretty sure not many people know about but they should! Hats off to the production team on presenting the issue in a simple yet interesting format.

2.0 Message
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Why you could skip it?

If you are not a fan of 3d then maybe you could wait for some months till 2.0 become available on Amazon Prime Video.

The movie was a tad bit too long and many scenes felt like filler content. They could have cut down on many scenes which did no good to the story. By the time the final action scene started many in the audience had got disinterested and just waited for it to get over.

The main reason for this disinterest was due to the declining story quality after the interval and some unnecessary action scenes didn’t help the cause either. Overall some more effort could have been done on the uplifting the storyline.

Final Verdict

A solid one time watch for excellent visual effects! There are some movies that you need to watch in 3d to experience its awesomeness, 2.0 is definitely one of them!

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  • 10th December 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Seems like a must watch!


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