5 Best Android Launchers


One of the biggest advantages of Android OS is the customization it offers. A launcher is one of the highly customizable parts of the Android OS.

A launcher is basically an application which lets us customize our home screen and applications drawer in an android phone. Every android phone comes with a default launcher.

So if you are someone like me who have gotten bored with your phone’s current home screen style and would like to try something new, here are the 5 best android launchers that you should definitely give a try!


Nova Launcher

Still the best?

Nova launcher has been the best for many years now. With many launchers coming and going, Nova has always been at the top. The reason for such dominance over its peer launchers is the combination of tons of customization it offers without letting the performance take a hit!  One of the unique features in Nova Launcher is the backup option it offers! Hands down the best launcher to date.

Cons: Honestly speaking I couldn’t find any con in this app. Keep up the good work TeslaCoil Software team!

Rating: 5/5

Click here to download.


Evie Launcher

Top class launcher!

Evie launcher is one of the fastest launcher present in the market today. Universal search lets you directly start typing and gives results from various apps and internet. But the best part about this feature is how convenient it is to use it. And to top it off this launcher is that it is completely free.

I am currently using this launcher and I am pretty pleased with it.

Cons: The only con that I could think of is the lack of an option to change the first home screen.

Rating: 4.5/5

Click here to download.


Buzz Launcher

Customization option like no one else!

Buzz Launcher is the pinnacle of customization. If you want a complete makeover of your home screen this is the app for you. With more than 7,00,000 home screens customized and shared by various users in their marketplace called the Homepack Buzz, it is one of the largest user-driven marketplaces.

It also has in-built ram cleaner and app locker thereby eliminating 2 applications for sure. Screen Effects is one of the standout features of this launcher. I will definitely urge you to try it out first hand rather than me ruining the fun disclosing the unknown. Trust me you can never get bored with fiddling around the various customizations available.

Cons: Classic case of the problem of too many. With so many options available, you never can settle for one particular style leading to occasional confusion.

Rating: 4/5

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Lawnchair Launcher

Pixel Launcher with customization!

Lawnchair launcher is an open source project which imitates much of the look and feel of the Pixel Launcher.  While it has many of the features in common with the Pixel launcher, it adds some more important ones as well. This is where it really runs ahead of the Pixel launcher with features like icon pack support, notification dots, a seamless Google Now integration (via a free plugin), and many more customization options. And the best part of all is that it is completely free.

Cons: The project is still in beta version so there can be some small bugs.

Rating: 4/5

Click here to download.


Microsoft Launcher

A reincarnation of Arrow Launcher.

Formerly known as ‘Arrow Launcher’ which was rebranded in mid-2017, Microsoft Launcher is a sleek and fast launcher with a lot of integration of Microsoft services. Direct integration with Microsoft PC’s is one of the standout features of this app. It has one home screen for panels decored in a way similar to Google cards. Dual dock, speedy app drawer and edge to edge widget placement are what makes this launcher a must try. The launcher also offers an inbuilt feature to merge duplicate contacts. Quite handy indeed!

Cons: The initial application set up can be way too tiring.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Think that I missed out in reviewing your favorite Android launcher? Let me know in the comments section.

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