Best WWE Theme Songs OF 2018

WWE has always been known as a form of sport which has given so many larger than life characters over the years such as the Undertaker, John Cena, etc. There are many elements that are used to make these characters that they are like pyros, gimmicks, theme songs, etc.

Theme songs have always been an integral part of every wrestler’s entrance. Earlier there used to be pyro effects during entrances but due to budget issues, WWE has cut down the Pyro and use it only for their top PPV’s like WrestleMania. A big dud but nevertheless atleast they still have some kickass entrance themes.

Here are the top 5 theme songs in WWE as of today:

Honorable mentions:- Edge

Hands down Edge has the best theme song in this entire industry so far. Everything was just perfect about this Metalingus themed entrance But as this list is only targeted to the current active roster of wrestlers it hasn’t been included but it still deserved a mention nonetheless.

5) Samoa Joe

A no-nonsense heel combined with an imposing drum beats, this theme perfectly suits Samoa Joe. What even elevates is the audience participation with the chants of “JOE JOE” during music. Absolutely music to ears.


4) Charlotte Flair

Calling herself the “Queen”, Charlotte has one of the most royal entrances in this business today. Taking a leaf of her father Ric Flair’s entrance, Charlotte has only bettered it. Her Wrestlemania 34 entrance was one of the best entrances of all time hands down!


3) Becky Lynch

The Irish Lass Kicker has one of the most energetic theme songs. With a recent heel turn and cocky attitude, this music feels somewhat for awesome. With a catchphrase of Straight Fire, the “Celtic Invasion” entrance aptly suits Becky Lynch.


2) Finn Balor

Everyone wants to be a part of the ‘Balor Club!’ This is pretty evident during his entrance. During the 2 high points in his music, you can see the entire arena spread their arms following Balor. Hell even at home while watching his entrance I mimic the style. And boy don’t even get me started on his Demon King persona. There is nothing like it in today’s wrestling gimmicks.


1) Seth Rollins

“BURN IT DOWN!” The scream of these 3 words is what makes this awesome music even more awesome. In 2017, Vince apparently didn’t like the pause during Seth’s entrance of ‘The Second Coming’, hence these words were put in and boy what a masterstroke it has turned out to be. This is one entrance that I can watch 100 times and still get excited each time. Guess that is why it is even my ringtone! 😉

Have some other theme that you think we missed? Let us know in comments!

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