BirdBox Review

The Sandra Bullock starred “BirdBox” is making huge waves on the internet. Released on 21st December on Netflix, BirdBox revolves around a strange entity that has been causing mass suicides around the world.

Whoever looks at this entity is compelled to commit suicide. The only way to avoid this is to not look at it. Sounds simple right! IT’S NOT!

The movie starts with Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) accompanied by 2 kids, making a journey down a violent river towards a place that will ensure their safety from this ominous creature that they have been dodging for 5 years. But now there is no place to hide and this river is their only escape. But the journey needs to be done blindfolded!
Source: Variety

Why watch BirdBox?

With a unique concept this movie makes the viewer totally hooked to the storyline compelling the viewer to anticipate what will happen next. Trust me I watched this movie at 3 am with sleepy eyes that too while I was traveling to the southern part of India. I just couldn’t stop once I started.

Final Review:

A solid and unique storyline makes this movie a must watch.

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