England wins World Cup’19 but Cricket loses!

After a rollercoaster cricketing thrill of 49 days, England was finally able to reign champions in a sport which they created! While the England team is happy to win the WC 2019 edition, the rest of the world is dejected by the result of the match and the rules which decided the fate of yesterday’s match. There were quite a few moments which tilted the game in England’s favor but ultimately it was a small technicality that decided the final between New Zealand and England.

After yesterday’s match ICC should look upon their rules as these bigger tournament games cant be decided on the smallest margins. Here are the things that ICC should look upon…


1. Boundaries were valued more than wickets.

Since when did taking wickets become easier than scoring boundary!!?? The whole team before the match looks upon how they could take wickets quickly, they don’t look upon hitting boundaries more than the opposition. As taking wickets is more difficult than scoring a boundary, if ICC has to decide the fate of the match on the basis of smallest margin then it should be wickets rather than no. of boundaries hit. Here are what the legends of the game think about this fiasco.

Gautam Gambhir – scored a match-winning 97 runs in CWC’11 Final



Scott Styris – KIWI Legend


2. Deflected overthrow that gave away  6 runs.

           The 49.4th delivery of England’s innings probably created the biggest drama of the match! Ben Stokes played the shot to the deep mid-wicket and ran for 2 runs to get back strike but as he was running towards the danger end, he dived to save his wicket but what happened inadvertently was that the ball hit his bat got deflected to reach the third-man boundary resulting in a total of 6 runs being awarded to England. Considering how matches are decided by even a single run these days, these 4 runs were pure gold for the English side.

As to hold the spirit of the game the boundary shouldn’t have considered instead it should have given 2 runs.


How decisive were those extra 4 runs?!

But this controversy doesn’t end there. As per Simon Tauffel (5-time winner of ICC’s Umpire of the Year), England should have been awarded 5 runs and not 6 runs because the batsmen hadn’t crossed when the throw was made. Boy, I can’t imagine how New Zealand would be feeling about it!


3. Umpiring issue in the whole WC edition.

To be honest, umpiring has been way below par throughout the World Cup and Sunday’s final was no exception to the fact. With the luxury of DRS being available these days, umpires should directly refer to technology rather than giving decisions in half-mind. The umpires have been lazy to up the calls on whether it is OUT or NOT OUT. Many matches were decided by the incorrect decisions given by umpires and as a fan of the sport, we don’t expect such type of umpiring at least not in the biggest tournament of the sport. ICC should clearly look upon the level of umpiring since the implementation of the DRS system.

Umpiring Errors!
Umpiring Errors!

As an Indian Fan, I am now relieved that we didn’t qualify for the finals. I mean what would have been a scenario if there was India instead of New Zealand..can’t imagine that now.

As an Indian fan, I am glad that we didn’t make it to the Finals. The fate that New Zealand suffered was even WORSE THAT DEFEAT! But Kudos to the New Zealand players for keeping their composure and being graceful even in defeat. New Zealand I’m sure you have a billion more fans now. Love from India ❤️

Taking nothing away from England, I personally feel that the World Cup should have been shared between New Zealand and England as both of them were evenly matched on the day with nothing separating them!

On a lighter note: ICC maybe you could have even done this to decide a winner 😂


Let us know in comments if you think that ICC needs to change the rule or was it a fair enough decision?


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