Finally “OK Google” for iPhones.

In what has been a very smart move, Google has taken advantage of SIRI shortcut in the best possible way. Now iPhone users can use the Google Assistant app by just saying “OK Google”.

With the use of SIRI shortcut feature, the users can record custom voice commands to open selected applications. This is where Google used its smartness, in the recent Google Assistant iOS app, Google introduced support for SIRI shortcut.

Now users can record “OK Google” command and set it to open Google Assistant app. Whenever you say that phrase, the Assistant app will open and immediately starting listening.

Google Assistant

If your iPhone is unlocked you can access it hands-free by saying “Hey SIRI” and then “OK Google” (or any other phrase that you pick).

Even though it requires you jumping assistants, it is still a major bragging point for Google.

However, if your iPhone is locked, the device requires you to manually unlock it first before opening the Google assistant application as seen in the above picture.

Honestly let’s face it, Apple would never allow any assistant application other than SIRI to become the primary assistant application on their devices.

But still, for now, the score reads,

Google – 1  vs Apple – 0

Your turn Apple!

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