PUBG to be banned in India?

Recently there has been a huge uproar in many parts of India and no I am not talking about the upcoming elections in the country. The cause of this uproar is a highly popular mobile game ‘PUBG’. To give you a bit overview of how big PUBG is in India, out of the total 400 million players India accounts 8% of them, that is around 32 million.

Recently there have been various reports of teenagers engaging in illicit activities like lying, stealing, and cheating to even committing suicides just because they weren’t being allowed to play this mobile game. Sounds insane right!

In light of these major events, the Gujrat government had banned the game in several districts which also led to the arrest of 10 students in Rajkot. Can you imagine going to jail for playing a mobile game!

This has apparently led PUBG Mobile to setup cutoff times in future updates of the game as a precaution move to the complete banning of the game. One of these cutoff time implementations could be released soon in a few weeks. Recently players have been posting the screenshot that limits them from playing more than 6 hours a day. Also as per rumors, if you are under the age of 18, you will get 2 reminders one each at 2 & 4-hour mark. But irrespective of the age, after 6 hours you will be asked to come back the next day to play the game.

Health Reminder: Expect it to be rolled out soon.
Health Reminder: Expect it to be rolled out soon.

This cutoff time can be seen in the screenshot of the game. Though there has been no official confirmation from PUBG Mobile, it is being widely speculated that these changes would be rolled out soon.

While one could argue that this game has indeed been influencing teenagers in a wrong way, but at a time when the youth of India is facing bigger issues like drug abuse, unemployment, etc. giving so much mainstream attention to a mobile game doesn’t quite seem right. To actually think about it, this problem has risen because of parents being too easy on their kids and just caving into their demands. These days I have seen kids as young as 10 years of age having a cell phone being gifted by their parents. For adults this addiction can be backtracked to unemployment and as they say ‘Empty mind is devil’s workshop.’ If such is going to be the case then what else do you expect.

To be honest I feel this is a completely useless move as the whole point of the ban/cutoff is to prevent players from playing the game. But this could be very easily avoided by simply having multiple accounts.

To me, this move more seems like a quick fix kind of solution rather than a long and fruitful solution. This time it is a simple mobile game but next time it could be something bigger and difficult to get rid off.

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