Selection Day – Cricket comes to Netflix

Netflix has decided to go all guns blazing in their motto of taking over the media streaming business with the regular release of Netflix Original Films and Series. After the release of a widely acclaimed BirdBox, Netflix has come up with another masterpiece this time in the form of a web series.

Cricket might be the national sport of England but no country in the world is as cricket crazy as India. Netflix’s latest original series “Selection Day” highlights this fact in the best possible way.

The story is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Aravind Adiga. Here is the link to the novel.

Still from the series.

The story revolves around how a father of two kids has made his life’s mission to make his children the best batsman in cricket so that they can represent India in the future. His craziness for the sport is highlighted in many instances across the series.

Throughout the series, we can see a major difference in the ideologies of the 2 brothers. Manju, on one hand, is least interested in cricket and has profound interested in science while on the other hand, Radha is too focused about being the best batsman in the world so much that he doesn’t even care about the whereabouts of their mother.

Still from the series.

The series begins with a cricket match in Madhya Pradesh with Radha and Manju batting and showing why they are a class apart. As the ultimate Selection day approaches, their father who has devised a complete plan decides that they are going to Mumbai to get in the eyes of the selectors. However, this isn’t meant to be as he learns that Money speaks in Mumbai. However, as destiny has it, the 2 kids are taken under their wings by a former great coach ‘Tommy Sir’ played by Mahesh Manjrekar.

So far 6 episodes have been released in the series but there are still many unanswered questions which have got people glued to Netflix in anticipation of Season 2!

Overall the series is an absolute masterpiece and will surely compel you to binge watch all 6 episodes no matter how busy you are. With still 113 days left for the Selection day, Netflix please release Season 2…

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