Simmba – Hit or Miss?

Guest article by Kiran.
Ranveer Singh’s latest movie “Simmba“, one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 finally hit the theatres on 28th December.
Source: Bar and Bench
Simmba aka Sangram Bhalerao played by Ranveer Singh is an orphan-turned-cop. The movie is about a corrupt officer’s transformation into a good cop when his loved ones are being abused.
Said from sources, some scenes from Simmba were loosely inspired by a film from the Telugu cinema, Temper (2015) storyline.
Simmba is an orphan from Shivgadh just as our beloved Singham. But unlike Singham, Simmba believes that an ideal life of a police officer is through unethical means. Hence, HE BECOMES ONE.
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Simmba tries to be a funny character through out the movie which works quite well. While Simmba enjoys being a corrupt and an unethical officer, there comes a twist in the story which takes turn when he’s determined about choosing the right path and bring justice.
In the movie Simmba tries to bring justice to a girl who is sexually abused. Basically, the movie shows the rate of sexual abuse in India and the justice rate for same. Simmba fights for the girl for whom justice is to be bought. Ofcourse there is a cameo of our favourite SINGHAM!!! Because let’s admit, without him the story is incomplete, right???
Also there is an announcement of next Rohit Shetty movie staring Akshay kumar in the climax titled, Suryavanshi . Just when it seemed like the end credits will start rolling, Akshay Kumar’s voice boomed. And we were told that he is an ATS, i.e Anti-terrorist squad officer named Suryavanshi.
Final Review:
This is an absolute joy ride family entertainer. The film contains some real hilarious content and a decent storyline to go with.
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