Here’s why you should be excited for the T10 Cricket League!!

If we fail to adapt, We fail to move forward!

 Looks like the T10 Sports Management took this quote to heart and created something which is for sure going to revolutionize the cricketing world in the coming years.

T10 Cricket League, a newly introduced Format in Cricket is currently in progress in Sharjah, UAE. All the matches are being played at this historic venue.

So you might it’s just another cricket league! What’s so exciting about it!

Here is what makes T10 league different from its competitors:

1. 10 Over Format Game

Reducing the overs can mean only one thing!! MORE ACTION!!! As the name suggests, T10 League is being played in 10 over style, similar to minimum limited over fixture in EA Cricket. The mandatory power-play for every team is the first 3 overs. Every bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs in the game.

2. Players participating from all over the world

Not only the players from the full member nations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) are participating, but also players from other countries are taking part in this the T10 Cricket League. The other nations which have players participating are- USA, UAE, Hong-Kong, France, Netherlands, Nepal, Scotland and Singapore. Talk about diversity!

Source: LatestLY

3. Action packed Evenings

Fans these days want fast-paced action! While the T20 cricket gave them that, T10 one-ups them over here. 2 to 3 matches are being played per day with only 5 to 10 minutes break between each match! This means there is hardly any time when the cricket lovers get bored.

4. Sanctioned by ICC

The main reason why ICL(Indian Cricket League) failed and why IPL succeeded was because of lack of approval of ICC for the former league. The managing committee of T10 League put a proposal to the ICC. In a view with active participation across the borders, ICC Sanctioned the T10 Cricket League.

5. The Bollywood Connection

One of the many reasons why IPL is known as the most glamorous cricket league in the world is due to the involvement of Bollywood celebs. Taking a cue from this, T10 league has also managed to attract many Bollywood celebs. Sonu Sood is the Brand Ambassador of the Bengal Tigers while Sohail Khan is the owner of the Maratha Arabians. TCL is being promoted across the world at apex level. Zareen Khan is the Brand Ambassador of the Pakhtoons.

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