What is Article 370 and Article 35A and How will it affect?

On 5th August, it was announced that the Indian Government has decided to revoke Article 370 and Article 35A. As soon as this announcement was made the entire nation started talking about it. There had been mixed reactions on the revoking of article 370 and article 35A but half the population doesn’t even know what it is about in the first place. So to all of you confused with what’s going on and why there is so much outrage, here is a simpler breakdown.


What is Article 370?
Article 370
  • It came to effect in 1949.
  • It exempts Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian Constitution.
  • According to it, J&K gets a separate constitution and a separate flag.
  • The local Assembly of the state can make its own law except for Finance, Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communication.
  • Has different citizenship rights than the rest of the country.


What is Article 35A?
Article 35A
  • It was introduced in 1954 as a continuation to Article 370.
  • Forbids outsiders from permanently settling, buying land and holding local government jobs
  • It bars female residents from property right in the event that they marry someone from another state. This also applies to that woman’s children.
  • Local legislation of Indian Administered Kashmir can define and decide regarding the Permanent residents of the region.


What happens when it is revoked?
  • People from other states will be able to buy property in J&K. Many people are rejoicing that they will be able to have a house in heaven. The locals can even have a chance to relocate and not be confined to a certain area.
  • All the power will be with the Centre and not the local assembly. The Centre can declare emergency in the state except in case of war. J&K assembly can no longer clear any significant bills within the state. The state’s governor shall exercise the power of the elected government in its absence. Hence it will be a democracy all the way.
  • All provisions of the Indian Constitution will be applicable to residents of the region which includes government jobs, scholarships and also the rights mentioned in the Constitution.
  • Companies won’t be forced to hire locals and anyone can apply for the job. Significant increase in private investment will boost the economy are creating more jobs.
  • Discrimination against women who wish to marry a person for other states will also be over.
In simpler words, it will be One Country One Law!

In a country of over a billion citizens, it is expected that there would be opposition to this revokement as well. What do you think, should Article 370 and Article 35A be revoked or not? Let us know on our Instagram handle.

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