WhatsApp Stickers: How to create them in under 5 mins!!!

Recently WhatsApp rolled out a new sticker feature in their application. Stickers have been a common feature in other messaging apps like Facebook’s Messenger, Hike, and many more. The initial update was rolled out with a few sets of WhatsApp stickers.

However what many people still don’t know is that you can use images in your gallery or from any source and convert them to stickers and use them in your chats. Time to get creative!
Note: This only works for Android mobiles. You cannot do this on iOS devices.


Here is a step by step guide on how to create customized WhatsApp stickers in under 5 mins:


Step 1:

Go to the play store and download ‘Sticker Maker for WhatsApp’.



Step 2:
Open the app and tap on ‘Create a New Sticker Pack.’ Give your pack a name along with the author name.



Step 3:

Now you will see a tray icon which is the thumbnail of the album. You cannot use this thumbnail image as a sticker.

You can put a maximum of 30 images in a pack.
Note: You need to add a minimum of 3 images in a sticker pack so that it can be accepted by Whatsapp.



You can select these images from your gallery or you can also click a new image using your phone’s camera.



Once the image is selected, you have to draw an outline around the portion of the image you want as a sticker. You can pinch zoom for better accuracy.



Step 4:

Once you have uploaded the required number of images, hit ‘Publish Sticker Pack.’ Don’t worry you can make changes to the album later on as well.

Note: Title card cannot be used as a sticker.




Step 5:

The stickers are now ready to be used on WhatsApp. To access them, open the smiley section on the chat screen and click the third option in the bottom row (the one which looks like a folded paper). Your title card will be visible for you to pick. You can also see them in the ‘My Stickers’ section.



How to Remove Them?

If you want to remove the sticker album from WhatsApp, go to the sticker drawer and click on the small + symbol in the top right corner. Select ‘My Stickers’ tab and delete the Album of Stickers.



Even though It may seem like a long process, trust me it is fun and takes less than 5 mins. And once the stickers are uploaded, it works smoothly, just like the Emojis and GIFs.

Even though WhatsApp may be a bit late to bring in the sticker feature, but it sure has arrived with a bang!
Let me know in the comments section if you found this guide useful.

Until next time, be Smart, be Creative!

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  • 23rd November 2018 at 5:08 am

    After using this, we feel creativity in ourselves, great👌👌👌👌👌

  • 23rd November 2018 at 5:09 am

    Great guide. Loved it!!


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